Don’t get me wrong when I say I’m not a Christmassy type. I’ll resist delving into the religious, historical and political contradictions. Yet, the all-out frenzy at department and grocery stores, a pseudo sense of goodwill to all, people overextending themselves financially and emotionally in lieu of the BIG day just makes me numb. I can’t help but wish for truth in advertising … genuine love and kindness realized beyond a holiday circled on the calendar. 

Before I dash over to my cousin’s home in Co-Op City for a day of feasting and festivities in the Bronx, I will give thanks for that deep-rooted connection with relatives and others who have become family, regardless of genealogy or geographical distances. Feels good knowing that I don’t need any Norman Rockwellian images of sugar plums dancing in my head, only beautiful smiles on the faces of loved ones who take me as I am _ bah-humbug moments and all.

Who needs the lure of consumerism when our bond is what matters most, especially when many will not be together on Christmas Day. In the words of Don Cornelius …”as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and SOUL” wherever you are.

_ In memoriam to my dad, stepdad and those who continue to love us in spirit.

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