Just got off the phone with my mom, who I love dearly but drives me nuts sometimes when trying to walk her through computer basics. She’s a PC; I’m a Mac. She’s also this amazing, beautiful 66-year-old woman with an unlimited abundance of joie de vivre and patience. I’m still working on the latter.

How this former educator, artist, entrepreneur and adventurer stays grounded, especially when tempers flair or crisis threatens, seems all but impossible. My mom has survived crime in New York and Caribbean hurricanes, financial upheavals and family tragedies, abusive relationships and debilitating illness. By any account, she could be bitter and hardened over the years, yet that’s far from the truth. Our connection and my respect deepens with each passing day.

I didn’t plan to get on soap box preaching the virtues of my mother today. Something she said during our debate over keyboard shortcuts and HTML coding led me to this place. Anything is easy if you know how to do it already. The real test comes in how we chose to share our views, our knowledge. Do we over talk each other, shouting one stance against another? Or shut up and listen closely to reach a practical solution?

The Sunday roundtables are playing in the background, and I have since reached an accord with my mom about computer do’s and don’ts. With emotions running high over world politics and extremism, it’s best to pay attention to what’s being said and chose wisely. Much is at stake and probably won’t be as simple as rebooting the system.


2 thoughts on “patience

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  2. Dear little one:
    I am working with my PC. It is slow on speed and so am I (smile), but I am getting it.

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