Looks like I’m officially in the matrix. Must admit it took a natural disaster of epic proportions to draw me into Facebook, but I have no regrets because I recognize the good that can stem from such connections. A sense of community, virtual or not, is a powerful incentive for change.

Last night, I ventured over to Newark, N.J., for a deep house session at a warm and welcoming art space/lounge called The Coffee Cave. We gathered for good music (DJs Sabine and Jihad Muhammad), good vibes and good intentions, raising awareness and funds for Haiti earthquake victims.

Tonight, Body & Soul kicks off at Webster Hall, Funk Box at Sullivan Room, Langston’s in Brooklyn _ all mindful of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. On Jan. 24, a Haiti relief benefit from 4 p.m.-4 a.m. will be held at Cielo as members of the underground house music community in New York galvanize at parties and various events to donate medical supplies, time, energy, money and our prayers. I trust it is the same around the world.

ART AT COFFEE CAVE by taniafuentez


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