I watched Sicko,the Michael Moore documentary on America’s feeble health care system, last night and I found myself reeling from sheer disbelief that nearly four years after its big-screen release we are still in the same place … nowhere. How can a country so rich keep turning its back on its sick without a blink of the eye? Today, I watched in disbelief  as Republican senators on Capitol Hill turned their backs on a health bill for Sept. 11 workers. What is wrong with this picture? Everything imaginable and more. Consequences of the bigger picture are grand if we don’t stand up and do something to make things better for humanity’s sake. Meanwhile, protest is alive and kicking across the pond as London students rally in the streets against tuition hikes. What happened to our voices in America? And, I’m not talking about mindless chatter and ramblings on Facebook about celebs and the such. Just feels like we have so much to learn and so little time to fix the mess we’ve made of our planet. Is anybody really listening?

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