OK, when I started this blog it was supposed to touch on everything under the sun, including food. As much as I love a good meal or new tasty treat, I’ve been slacking off on sharing those experiences. Yesterday I decided to make an exception as I savored a full-bodied bowl of beef noodle soup with a sweet hint of satsuma orange at Momofuku in the East Village. I’d weathered the slushy snow-filled streets of Gotham and just got fed up with navigating across murky puddles at almost every cross walk.

Prior to my impromptu lunch, I never set foot in the restaurant at the corner of 13th and 2nd Ave., but I was well aware of its reputation. And, I’d sampled the addictive sweet yummies at its next door Milk Bar (which really prompted me to write this post). My sweet tooth wouldn’t allow me to walk out after lunch without a sugary delight. A girl’s entitled to such splurges once in a while. Instead of the trademark “Crack Pie” slice, I opted for soft serve ice cream … the $6 sampler (out-of-this-world-good)!! I gobbled down as much of each mini-cup of flavors _ cereal milk (personal fave); old-fashioned doughnut; red velvet cake; horchata. Then, the toppings … cornflake crunch definitely another personal fave and reason enough for a shout out to nostalgia.

The whole experience made me reflect on how important it is to allow some time for play and be good to ourselves, a recurring theme to live by in good or bad times. With the new year upon our heels, I raise a glass to living in the moment and appreciating what’s right in front of us … even if that’s comfort food like ice cream.

Yum by taniafuentez

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