The other day I learned some invaluable lessons from …. NOBODY. That’s right, NOBODY cared enough to make a real difference and cut through the crap. NOBODY listened and offered knowledge, insight and guidance to another creative soul trying to figure out what’s the next step. I’m actually referring to the visionary street artist TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows aka NOBODY). His work is often compared to Jean-Michel Basquiat but his style is truly NOBODY’s.

I lucked up and walked into his Bowery exhibit, Modern Urbanisms, on the last day of the pop-up show over the weekend. One of his distinctive pieces in the window caught my eye as I trolled around downtown. I knew I couldn’t stay long. I was rushing back to the Bronx to drop off some things before catching Meat Beat Manifesto later that night at Santos Party House. Good thing I took time to be in the moment because it felt like a veil lifted and my vision sharply focused despite a lifelong astigmatism (ugh).

Pictures are supposedly worth a thousand words, so it’s best to check out his artwork online, or better yet, in person whenever and wherever you can. The mixed media creations will make you think and be glad NOBODY cares.


TMNK by taniafuentez


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