Gun Hill Road

I shared a link on my Facebook page today after watching the YouTube trailer for “Gun Hill Road,” a new independent film by Rashaad Ernesto Green opening Aug. 5 in New York and Aug. 12 in Los Angeles. I can’t wait because this looks like a powerfully honest production about what it means to be a teen exploring his sexuality as a transgender youth. I read that the film’s writer/director presented the story for his thesis at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Impressive …


One thought on “Gun Hill Road

  1. I ran into one of my favorite artists today in New York. Yes, that was and is Tania Fuentez. A genuine and sincere person with a heart of gold. This is not my opinion but is as true as is the sky is blue. All one has to do is speak to her, or look at her art.

    Tania told me about this film. A film about identity. As I watched the trailer an. I felt the overwhelming emotional message. A film that deserves to been seen and discussed. Thank you Tania :)

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