Hecho en the Bronx


Gun Hill Road is the riveting award-winning first feature film by director Rashaad Ernesto Green about a contemporary Latino family in the Bronx coming to terms with change. Executive producer and 2011 Imagen Award winner Esai Morales (NYPD Blue, La Bamba) stars as a father returning home from prison to an estranged wife (Judy Reyes of Scrubs fame) and teenage son who identifies herself as a complex and beautiful transgender youth (introducing Harmony Santana). Nothing gets glossed over in this film; there is no neat resolution. Ultimately though, a poignant message rings true for any family_ all that really matters is love and acceptance.

Gun Hill Road tackles what many consider as taboo, particularly in Latino and Black communities, with finesse and tenderness. Shot in 22 days last summer, Bronx native Rashaad Ernesto Green found a way to deliver a convincing and fresh story. I particularly applaud an overdue but welcomed portrayal of the cultural richness still vibrant in the Bronx. I interviewed the cast and director and urge anyone reading this post to see the movie on its opening weekend (New York on Aug. 5 and Los Angeles on Aug. 12). Independent films like this one need solid support at the box office early on and high attendance numbers to survive and garner widespread release.

On merit alone, buzz around the film grows as the critical praise keeps coming, including Sundance Film Festival. A beaming cast and director gathered Thursday for the 2011 NewFest LGBT Film Festival closing night screening of Gun Hill Road at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City. I’d keep an eye on this one …

Gun Hill Road cast
Cast of Gun Hill Road

OFFICIAL WEB SITE: http://www.gunhillroad.com/

2011 NEWFEST LGBT FILM FESTIVAL: http://newfest.org/wordpress/

PHOTO GALLERY AT: http://www.taniafuentezmedia.com/#/photo-galleries/gun-hill-road


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