Election Day


Some may question what’s going on at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan and across the nation, yet those Occupy Wall Street protests are not in vain and stem from deep-rooted problems within society. Case in point: too many elderly, working families and others for whatever reasons out of their control still cannot afford decent health care in America and find themselves suffering in silence; unemployment figures are hardly reflective of the real struggle involved for someone out of work with nothing in sight; public assistance has very little to do with helping those in need when programs are outdated and ineffective; and, as the rich get richer … you know the deal.

If anyone thinks they’re powerless or their opinion doesn’t matter, think again and vote on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011). Too much hangs in the balance to pass this off as a waste of time, whether it be General, Primary or Special Elections. Remember, politicians are in office because they are elected officials. Pay attention to what they say and what they actually do with our tax dollars. We all know the system is flawed, but it doesn’t have to stay that way if enough voters speak up at the polls. Be ready to make smart decisions as the 2012 Presidential Primary Election approaches.

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