How (NOT) To Make It In America

When I heard HBO was cancelling “How To Make It In America” after only its second season, I shook my head in shock. As soon as a fresh critically welcomed show representing New York City with some real street cred and ethnic diversity starts to make waves and generate a devoted fan base, it’s dropped by corporate execs who obviously don’t have a clue. The solid cast, including Luis Guzman in a breakout role, gritty in-your-face storyline and candid feel throughout the 30-minute show stood out from most predictable garbage passed off as entertainment that paying customers usually suffer through just to cope with whatever drama’s going on in their lives.

If you live in New York City, at some point you’ll figure out the hustle refers to more than a dance and if you’re not wise to the game, too bad … SOL. I relate to “How To Make It in America” all too well as the economy gets worst, the job market sucks and too many people struggle just to get by another day while a handful get over like fat rats. “How To Make It In America” was a show that added some inspiration and nerve to the mix. The motto “Dream big or go home” really does apply if you want to “make it” count.

For those who care, sign the petition to save this HBO show. Hey, don’t underestimate the power of the pen (albeit digital these days). Look what happened with Family Guy and FOX


Suggest you peep this link before it’s gone too:

How to Make it in America:

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