Check Your Body At The Door



A new year, a new opportunity to move forward in life and beyond the expected. I am sharing this link to a long overdue and much-anticipated documentary on House music/dance culture, called “Check Your Body at the Door” which screens tonight at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center. It is an important piece of history because what is known about the real underground dance culture usually is minimal at best. Freedom to dance and express yourself in the purest form must be recognized as a blessing and gift when experienced on a spiritual level _ beyond the expected clubland escapades. Too often, we lose the gems that make the world a little better such as 52-year-old Niles Ford, an amazingly talented choreographer who died earlier this month. Fortunately, films like “Check Your Body at the Door” and Ford’s “In Search of the Invisible People,” created with Nathan Trice and performed at Dixon Place in 2008 and 2010, capture some of that magic found in underground dance culture, especially evident within deep soulful house music.

I found out about tonight’s screening of “CYBD” by word-of-mouth and I am so glad this documentary is part of the 2012 Dance on Camera Film Festival _ an event marking its 16th year and co-presented by the Film Society and Dance Films Association. If you haven’t been touched by House music or House dance culture yet, I’d say consider this film screening a chance to close your eyes, feel the music and just let go

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