ART: TATS CRU: The Mural Kings

Graffiti legends: TATS Cru (left to right) NICER, BIO, BG 183 and CRASH (far right)

Ever notice a smoking-hot graffiti mural on a wall or the side of a passing truck and wonder who did that piece? It happened to me so often through the years (remember NYC trains back in the day) but never really had a clue where to begin. All I knew for sure was that the colors, the lines, the originality inspired me and still does. I’ve always wanted to know more about these amazing underground artists. Today, I got a chance to catch up with true mural kings and graffiti legends, TATS Cru (BIO, NICER, BG 183), at their studio in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Another graffiti pioneer, John ‘CRASH’ Matos, stopped by and made the day complete. It also made me grateful for what’s good about the Bronx, a borough I’m proud to call home (yes, expect more on this subject). Check out the video interview for more about TATS Cru. And, for those wondering, the Perre twins, HOW and NOSM, are busy pursuing gallery interests.



YouTube interview w/Nicer (Part 1):

YouTube interview w/Nicer (Part 2):

CRASH new works exhibit ‘Remnant Memories’:

The Point:

TFM Flickr photo gallery:


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