More Than One Side to (Kony 2012) Story

I’ve really tried to resist jumping on the bandwagon about this week’s viral video sensation, Kony 2012, launched by the U.S.-based advocacy group called Invisible Children. Obviously, I am NOT in support of brutal political regimes anywhere, but I strongly urge people to dig a little deeper,  do some research and think clearly before reacting to an emotionally charged campaign which narrowly addresses a far-reaching, complex issue plaguing countless other nations where power and greed go unchecked among warlords and established governments for decades.

Unfortunately, we’ve been here before with all the celebrity posturing and jockeying for a lead in the cause of the moment (recall Darfur, anyone??). Trust me, a T-shirt and knee-jerk reaction to hit the “Like” button on a Facebook page will not right all the deep-rooted wrongs of colonialism, corruption and continual violence against humanity. Many viewers of this compelling video have little or no solid grasp of the historical or geopolitical context surrounding Uganda, other African nations and communities around the globe. Be informed before donating precious time, energy and/or money to make a difference in the world … and your own backyard. Varying degrees of atrocities happen every day and closer than you may think.


Huffington Post link to AP article:|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D142137

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