Nightlife Culture Expo Launches in NYC


The sounds of the underground will signal the launch of a four-day celebration of New York City’s nightlife by the Nightlife Cultural Initiative, a nonprofit organization aimed at going beyond any skewed perceptions of nightlife culture and showcasing elements of art, music and fashion which converge in this dynamic, emotionally-charged environment.

“Nightlife is a source of artistic, social and sexual expression,” author and NCI president Gamal Hennessy explains. “It produces some of our greatest artists. It welcomes marginalized communities. It is the source of powerful historic movements.”

Hennessy continues, “I created this nonprofit as a natural extension of the writing that I’ve been doing for the past six years as a nightlife advocate to show how much we all benefit from what nightlife offers. NCI was created to elevate nightlife culture and show people that nightlife is more than just models and bottles or kids going out to get drunk.”


The 2012 NCI Culture Expo debuts under the watchful eye of a House music Maestro, Louie Vega, during the Wednesday night Roots party at Cielo in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. On Thursday night, the Expo travels to historic Stonewall Inn for the LGBT Appreciation Party with Paige Turner. Hip Hop icon Rakim joins forces with DJ Rob Flow for Friday’s performance at Sutra Lounge in the East Village. The NCI Culture Expo wraps up on Saturday _ first with brunch, a seminar and burlesque show by the Wasabassco Burlesque company. Then, DJ Rob Swift headlines the finale at the stylish cocktail lounge, DoubleSeven. Many of the events are free or offer reduced admission with RSVP.


Nightlife Cultural Initiative:

Nightlife Culture Expo 2012:


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