Work It: The Power of Pa’lante


The network powers-that-be finally got around to delivering a letter of apology addressing the outrage among Puerto Ricans stemming from ABC’s “Work It” sitcom, which was cancelled after airing only twice amid controversy and protests.

The show (which slightly reminded me of the 1980s sitcom, “Bosom Buddies”) starred two men dressing as women to try to find work … eventually at a pharmaceutical company. ‘Work It’ fell short in the ratings game as soon as it debuted. The following so-called joke _ “But I’m Puerto Rican, I’ll be great at selling drugs” _ stirred immediate public backlash from Boricuas, leading to several protests at New York’s WABC studios in January. The ill-fated show also prompted LGBT advocacy groups to campaign against it (and, seemed to generate wider media attention upon a quick Google search).


I come from a background of those well-schooled in the power of the people and applaud efforts of Boricuas for a Positive Image, the National Institute for Latino Policy and everyone who pushed forward (pa’lante) to wake up ABC executives to an insulting excuse of comedic programming for millions of viewers who may know little or nothing about the rich, complex culture of Puerto Ricans. In fact, I must mention Rosie Perez’ directorial debut, “Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas,” which offers a personal yet well-documented perspective. It is important to speak up for yourself, but power comes from knowing your history.



‘I Am Puerto Rican and I Do Not Sell Drugs’ video:

NYC Latino Politics article:

National Institute for Latino Policy:

Latino Rebels:

WABC Protest in NYC videos:

Nuyorican Poets Cafe:

USA Today article:

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