HEALTH: School Upholds Christine Valmy’s Standards and Legacy


A high degree of professionalism and detail are clear as soon as the elevator doors open at Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, founded in 1965 as the first esthetics school in the United States and which has since graduated more than 75,000 students. The school, located on Fifth Avenue, offers a flexible schedule and thorough curriculum that includes: esthetics, makeup, nail artistry, waxing, spa treatments, as well as CIDESCO and ITEC certification. It also specializes in the finest natural ingredients and botanicals used to make all Christine Valmy products at its Pine Brook, N.J. laboratory.

Director Marina Valmy de Haydu upholds her mother’s standards and legacy as an educator and innovative chemist. She’s been in attendance this week at the International Beauty Show in New York. “It has been great, very exciting as a lot of former students come by to say hello. A lot of fun and very hectic, very busy,” she said. Balancing a full schedule in the lab and at the school, Valmy de Haydu added: “While keeping my mother’s spirit and methodology, I’ve made it more user-friendly … we really prepare our students well, we invest in people properly and make sure they understand the material very well.”

In 1944, Christine Valmy started developing her own skin care treatments in Romania, using natural ingredients from her garden, according to the company Web site. She emigrated to the U.S. in 1961, and four years later opened the first American esthetics school in New York. Her daughter notes that her mother was instrumental in changing legislation to establish an esthetics license in New York state, creating the curriculum which other states would later follow and implement.



Students learn ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions along with the latest advances in biology, chemistry, herbology, nutrition and real salon “know-how.” Feng shui design principles and eco-friendly “Green” construction set the school apart where a meditation room is on site amid its classrooms. “We really are helping people to develop skills. We give options to people, especially women, to empower them … so they don’t depend on anyone else and have a career,” Valmy de Haydu said. “You have to follow your passion and have the opportunities … that’s very important to really develop it.”


Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics:

International Beauty Show:


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