MUSIC: Q&A with Oscar P


Oscar P. is a man on the move and on a mission. With a new album and upcoming international tour, he enters the second phase of a solid music career enjoying and appreciating opportunities to create good music, collaborating with people and putting his stamp on the NYC-branded events, “I’ll House You” and “Heavy” when he isn’t playing outside the city. This year, he enjoyed a successful run in Miami at the Winter Music Conference where crowds welcomed the vibe he shared via his unique style of  music and parties. “House music is inspirational in the way that people come together,” Oscar P. tells Tania Fuentez Media in the following interview. “There’s actually no other form of music with so many sub-genres that has the same global impact per demographic, the way HOUSE does.”

NOTE: The following questions were asked prior to the event. All photos courtesy of Oscar P.

TFM: Let’s talk Winter Music Conference. How often have you attended and how has it changed?

Since the start of it all. Since the 90s at the Fountainebleau Hotel, with only 200 industry attendees poolside exchanging promos, ideas, collaborations, etc. Long before the days of 500 parties, digital downloads, separated audiences and Ultra Fest. The WMC we have today is NOT that. Today, WMC is a money-making machine that crosses over to non-industry music lovers, and creates revenue for hotel owners, the airline industry, venue owners, spring breakers, promoters, DJs and the city of Miami. If people knew the amount of money that’s generated, it would boggle your mind. Every year we get price hiked, hotel rates go up, we smile and we keep going back for more. It actually surprises me that more people have not said NO to WMC. That’s a testament to the experience and connection people have with the city, and the hard work of individuals from different cities who produce and pay for these events. It’s not an easy thing to go to Miami, to drop $5,000 to $10,000 on a venue rental with a $10,000 to $20,000 bar guarantee just to break even. This is what happens most of the time in Miami. Now multiply this by the 300 plus parties you see … large and small, and well, you get the idea.

TFM: Any advice for newbies unfamiliar with all the ins-and-outs of the conference?

If you are looking at doing events … THINK SMALLER. THINK INSIDE THE BOX … there are many small venues, hotel lobbies and people who want your business. Unless you are experienced in the event business in Miami, which is very unique to the rest of the world, tread carefully. WMC is a great place to network and meet people, but today we have so many places where you can do that. So many festivals, events all around the world. Don’t get caught up in one place, or one event. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

TFM: Any surprises in store or new projects that you’re excited to drop at WMC?

The Big surprise for me was my new track with C. Scott (“The Message”) doing damage in Miami. After being #1 for two weeks on Traxsource, and five weeks in the Top 10, we got massive support from David Morales, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and Frankie Knuckles who played it all over Miami. It was also supported on Top 10 charts by Aki Bergen, Todd Terry, Miguel Migs, DJ Spen, Maurice Joshua, Hector Romero, Marques Wyatt, Norty Cotto, Davidson Ospina, Lucas Keizer and many more. The fact that many of the House legends I grew up on embraced the release was very satisfying to me, as with releases these days, you never know what to expect. Some of the best records you may hear sometimes just don’t impact. We see this happen everyday.

TFM: Any details on the upcoming album?

I actually had to move the date twice, and have yet to schedule a new one. But it’s been finished since January. The title, “BACK 2 MY ROOTS,” represents revisiting the classic New York vibe I grew up on, with some of the flavor you see today. We kept things deep, soulful, and fun.

TFM: Any tour plans?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m in talks right now to do September to November. We will start in Europe, Ibiza, U.K., Italy, Germany, then Mexico for Mi Casa Es Su Casa (Getting Married Oct. 3rd), then South Africa in November. We will have some announcements soon on our site,

TFM: In closing … why is House important to you, what do you hope to contribute to this unique dance culture? What keeps you grounded in the biz?

I’m in the second phase of my music career, and right now I’m enjoying and appreciating creating music, collaborating with people and doing events when I’m not playing out of the city. House music is inspirational in the way that people come together. There’s actually no other form of music with so many sub-genres that has the same global impact per demographic, the way HOUSE does. I have a great team around me. I work very, very hard. I help a lot of people everyday. My contribution has always been to open doors for new people and give some of the opportunities I never had. Then, they have to keep that door open and build for themselves. Also, keep in mind we are making House music, not curing cancer or AIDS. We have to keep that in perspective at all times and not get ahead of ourselves as individuals. I let my work speak for itself, and I hope that other people watch what I do, and how I work, and pick up on that. That’s all I can ask for.


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