MUSIC: Living the Hype Life with The Blakz


So far, 2012 has been a good year for The Blakz _ a visionary pair of tastemakers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box in all aspects of their lives. Manchildblack and Monstah Black work hard at creating new dimensions of entertainment through their music, dance, high fashion and performance art. Astro Disco, one of their latest adventures, launched earlier this week and opens the door to endless possibilities, according to the pair in the following Q&A with Tania Fuentez Media.

NOTE: All photos courtesy of The Blakz.


TFM: You’re introducing a new event in New York called Astro Disco, which sounds intriguing and brings all sorts of images to mind. Where did the idea come for this fete and what can be expected? How does it differ from the long-standing Libation party?

Manchildblack: We basically wanted to create the dance party that space aliens would want to go to … LOL! What that would look, sound and feel like. So, musically the event is steeped in electro music past and present, and visually, Monstah puts together installations that reflect this aesthetic. We will also be featuring live performances and other surprises that go along with our theme. It was important for me not to try and recreate Libation, which has its own specific sound and feeling. This is a chance to do something else that reflects another side of who I am.

Monstah Black: For me, Astro Disco is a place to refine, polish and create sound and visuals that I  seek in the world.

TFM: Define your style as a couple and individually. What influences do you credit to the overall Blakz aesthetic?

MCB: I would be hard pressed to define it, as it changes constantly. I think, for both of us, it’s important  to remain fluid and allow for experimentation, which can sometimes mean making mistakes … LOL! I   look back and sometimes think, “WTH was I thinking,” but it’s all good. Personally, I enjoy taking current trends and remixing them to make them my own.

MB: I enjoy taking past trends and deconstructing them to inspire complete new trends. As a couple, I think our style reflects the styles of both of our inspirations. It’s eclectic and therefore represents  aesthetics of cultures from around the world and beyond.

TFM: For the hopeless romantic in all of us, how did you two meet? What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve given each other since you’ve been together?

MCB: We met dancing in a nightclub in D.C., and we’ve been dancing together ever since. I would have to say that the most meaningful gift he’s given me is the license to be myself.

MB: The license to be myself is the best gift.

TFM: Gentrification and rezoning laws throughout the city have wiped out many intimate, underground venues and cultural landmarks. Depending on who you ask, New York City nightlife could use a serious reboot. Agree or disagree? What can be done to inspire more originality and creativity … especially on a budget in this economy?

MCB: I TOTALLY AGREE!!! It’s sad that NYC has turned into Disneyland. When I was growing up, I remember eagerly wanting to experience NYC nightlife, and by the time I came of age it all seemed to change. It’s important for those of us in nightlife to continue to use our imaginations to bring something unique to the game, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I also like that promoters are finding alternative spaces to have events. It’s sometimes difficult to hold parties in nightclubs due to heavy bar guarantees  and sound restrictions.

 MB: I believe it’s important for us all to have confidence in our own ideas and not follow too closely what  is already the trend.

TFM: You’re both savvy tastemakers in all things fashion and entertainment-related. What’s still on your “Must-See, Must-Do” list?

MCB: I’m really curious about that new Astro Disco party I’ve heard about … LOL! I think everyone  should meet me there (The Gallery at LPR) on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month :)

MB: Astro Disco is a must see and must do, along with Libation, Girls Like Bass in Dumbo Under The Bridge on June 7th at 8 p.m. and the new show being built at Dance New Amsterdam by Monstah Black, Major Scurlock and Wetcircuit called Black Moon (La Lune Noire).


Hype Life Music:

Black Moon (La Lune Noire):


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