Come One, Come All: Bicycle Fetish Day Brings Out Kid in All of Us

Memorial Day weekend kicks off with sun, surf and, in my case, a massive block party in Billyburg, N.Y. The City Reliquary is hosting the 8th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day, complete with a BBQ, bike competitions and BMX tricks, rides, bicycle advocacy groups and lots of artists on hand. No expensive road trip required as long as MTA subway lines are working (hmm).

The City Reliquary highlights permanent display of artifacts, rotating exhibits of community collections and annual cultural events, backyard concerts, and film showings. The City Reliquary also collaborates with PS132 to create exhibitions of student work. In 2002, the not-for-profit community museum and civic organization began at a ground-floor apartment window at the intersection of Havemeyer and Grand streets, according to its Web page. If a passerby paused to admire the window’s contents, they would discover a small button on the building’s exterior the size of a doorbell. Push the button and the recorded voice of Dave Herman would guide your eye around: two-and-a-half links of a “city hall window chain,” a set of dentures found in Dead Horse Bay, Statue of Liberty figurines. Next to them, carefully painted directions point toward nearby landmarks.

In 2006, The City Reliquary moved to 370 Metropolitan Ave., a storefront only a few blocks from its original site. Interested? Museum hours are from 12-6 p.m. Thurs–Sun.


City Reliquary:

8th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day:

MTA Weekender:

2 thoughts on “Come One, Come All: Bicycle Fetish Day Brings Out Kid in All of Us

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