MUSIC: Q&A with Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs



Music spans time and transcends boundaries, something distinctively clear in the soul-searching compositions by Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs. The lyrically gifted Philly native with deep New Jersey roots discusses his latest journey into sound with Tania Fuentez Media in an exclusive interview which highlights life lessons imparted throughout his career and what fans can expect from the “Planet Asia” album, presented digitally through his independent record label, Exadoria Releases, and available on Traxsource, iTunes and Amazon. With a solid track record as a renowned House music innovator and producer, an air of mystery remains and some may still wonder, “who is Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs?” Just listen closely to the message in the music …

NOTE: All images/video courtesy of Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs

TFM: As a prolific spoken word artist/vocalist, songwriter, producer and DJ, a full schedule doesn’t seem to slow you down at all. How do you maintain that ‘calm, cool and collected’ aura you radiate wherever you go?

FP/jD: In my opinion, poets have our share of listening to do. The day-to-day activities of others speak volumes when we are willing to hear the solutions in the example. It’s written and spoken in all things. This is the same way with music. What is music without hearing? Just vibratory rhetoric. People often ask me why I stand to the side at a party? But I do move. Why don’t I dance as much? But I do dance. Why don’t I experience or witness the love? Clearly because I’m listening for something else. The wisdom of it is calming for me – and the meaning of it is serene. No matter how chaotic a party is – musical, religious of political, for me it’s like watching “Soul Train” with the music turned off – or jamming to life on a sound system with blinders on; but both realities make for great material.

TFM: What have you been up to lately? I’m particularly interested in your recent musical excursions in the studio and wonder what fans can expect in the near future.

FP/jD: The Planet Asia Campaign for my next album is underway. In the past, I would record projects and let the chips fall where they may. This time, I have a better understanding of what my contribution is to those willing to hear. The album has its storylines as well as its funk-elements. I wasn’t trying to win dance floors with this album. If it does, then good. Fans must expect the unexpected. For this is a time like no other in recorded history. So should the material be. Nothing complacent from me.

TF: How do you approach the highs and lows that come with the territory in the entertainment industry, especially as it applies to House music’s unique position?

FP/jD: The House music world has embraced me as a genius and as a legend, but not necessarily a team member. I realize that this is nobody’s fault, but simply the nature of things. All creative people find themselves battling time. Either your too early, too late, out of date, don’t know the right people, too impatient, too impulsive, too arrogant, too naïve, out of the loop during the money cycle, or just plain out of this world. But luckily, in House music, there’s always a place you can go.

I approach my highs and lows the same way I approach life; knowing in my heart that no matter how far out of sync with the world I am, reaching my win-win niche is eminent. I love to disappoint my critics as well.

TF: Speaking of House music, did you ever imagine the genre would grow as much as it has internationally? Have you noticed major differences among audiences abroad and nationally?

FP/jD: Segregation. A great separation in our reasons of celebration. Some parties party like its 1999. Some party like it’s the end of the world. Some party as the victors over the world – and some party as the victims looking for relief from the world. This explains the different styles in-House music and out-House music – planetarily. I try to speak all the languages in the proper term and pray that I’m successful enough to do the styles that reach them – and hopefully the language will become a new form of communication.

All of us love music, no doubt. But I realize that although music is a universal language, the universe is far stranger than we can ever imagine. Maybe acknowledging that is the point of music in the first place.

TF: What do you find yourself listening to when times are hard? How about when times are good and you just want to celebrate that joy?

FP/jD: I try to remember that both – good and bad times are what we create them to be – knowingly or not. The music, the movies or ideas (no matter what it is we’re doing) with what we choose are the seeds to all those times. Bad times are unavoidable for the sake of our growth and reflection, and what I listen to contributes to remembering that. Kelly Howell, Yoyo MA, Pat Metheny, Al Jarreau, Björk, San Ilya, Nat King Cole and so many others makes it an unfair question not being able to mention them all – because what they all contribute to our remembrance is based on our own hearing. I think that’s the answer to the first question, too.


Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs:

“Planet Asia” on Traxsource:

Foremost Poets interview on YouTube:

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  1. We Have Your Planet Surrounded ! – jOHNNYDANGEROUs represents a true continuation of the message the George Clinton brought to our attention many years ago. Funk is that message.

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