HEALTH: Wellness Cafe Reflects Norma Kamali’s Signature Style


ABC recently announced plans to cancel one of its new daytime shows, “The Revolution,” primarily citing low viewership. Fortunately, I happened to catch this week’s episode featuring fashion icon Norma Kamali. I was so moved by her aura and sense of style and sensibility as she spoke with host Tim Gunn at her Wellness Cafe, and later mentioning what inspires her is making women feel better.

Kamali, a New York native and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1964, invented styles that have influenced trends throughout the years from the “Sleeping bag coat,” high-heeled sneakers, parachute clothing and signature swimwear (remember the 1970s Farrah Fawcett poster in that red swimsuit). Today, Kamali’s designer collections attract celebs from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Rihanna.

High fashion aside, it was the Wellness Cafe that really piqued my interest as I get older and seek a more holistic approach to living, leading me to visit Kamali’s OMO (On My Own) flagship store on 56th Street and Fifth Avenue. She opened the Wellness Cafe soon after Sept. 11, 2001, starting with her search for the best olive oils and products made from olive trees. The store and Wellness Cafe are a welcomed oasis from the hustle and bustle outside, completely awash in pristine, white walls and elegant designs on all three floors.

Kamali has replaced mannequins at her flagship store with 8-foot Glamazon cut-outs of models in her latest collections.

“Farrah could have worn anything and that poster would still have been a success. How lucky for me she had my swimsuit in her bag.” _ Norma Kamali

Kamali also contributes to the Huffington Post, (which focuses on women over 40) as well as and she feels this allows her to share the information she finds to the everyday challenges the toxic planet presents us with, according to her Web site. Rest assured, this designer isn’t out of touch with the budget-savvy _ launching her Kamali Kulture online store with prices under $100 from sizes 0-18. Yes, she gets it.
For her Spring 2012 Fashion Week presentation, Kamali co-directed a Fashion Film in 3D, which can be see online and at the Wellness Cafe.


Norma Kamali 3D:

The Wellness Cafe:

Norma Kamali on YouTube:

Kamali Kulture:

Norma Kamali photo gallery by Tania Fuentez Media:

Intelligent Nutrients:

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