HEALTH: Q&A with Feng Shui Architect RD Chin


If someone told you they knew the secret to a life of harmony and prosperity, would you believe it? Sounds too good to be true, but ask RD Chin and you may be closer than you think. Chin, who holds a civil engineering degree from Tufts University and a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, integrates Western design principles with the ancient Chinese art of placement to align any space with dimensions of spirit, character and a feeling of balance. The Feng shui master and architect adds that he has gained a wealth of insight from travels to the Far East (China, Taiwan, Nepal, Tibet, India and Japan), as well as Europe and the U.S. “I feel blessed and I love the work that I do using feng shui,” Chin reveals in an exclusive with Tania Fuentez Media. “Many of my clients have referred me to their friends, family and colleagues. I have done consultations for apartments, home renovations and additions, offices, looking at prospective properties, land and even urban planning projects.”

NOTE: All photos courtesy of Master RD Chin, Feng Shui Architect. Chin will be participating in the Summer Solstice Feng Shui Workshop from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, June 23, 2012, at the Oaks, New Rochelle, N.Y.

TFM: In some circles, there is a lot of talk about feng shui, but for someone unfamiliar with this, please describe what it is exactly.

RD: Feng Shui means “Wind and Water” in Chinese. For people who are unfamiliar with this concept, I say that “Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art and science which brings people into harmony with their space and environment.” For some people, they may think that it is simply adding a crystal, a mirror or a wind chime into the space which will bring good luck; but, feng shui is really common sense design of our home and/or office spaces combined with looking at ourselves from different perspective in relationship with our spaces.

TFM: How did you reach the point of applying this approach to your life, personally and professionally?

RD: I came to do feng shui from a very emotional beginning. After the combination of the deaths of my father and a close friend within several months of each other, I did a series of shiatsu sessions upon recommendation from my neighbor who said that these sessions would be very helpful to deal with my grief and sadness. Interestingly, from these “energy” massage sessions, I had a major revelation that there was more for me to contribute to helping people beyond my professional skills as an architect and interior designer.

At that time, I was working for an interior designer, Nina Hughes, who had a book, “Interior Design with Feng Shui” by Sarah Rossbach, in her office library. Nina also told me that she “feng shuied” her office for maximum prosperity and harmony. Within a week of reading the book, I got a call from a neighbor to help her move and design her new apartment. When I applied the feng shui principles to the renovation, both the client and I felt a wonderful synergy of creativity, beauty and peace during the move-in process. My client, Peggy, highly recommended me to continue using feng shui as an addendum to my architectural and interior design work. After completing her apartment, I then applied the feng shui principles to my own apartment space; it was an amazing experience for me as I had a dream which today, it is still crystal clear – I had my logo and name of my new feng shui design office: Space Alignment.

Soon afterwards when I placed my new logo in the Village Voice, I got some calls to do feng shui consultations. In the beginning, I was very nervous … but realized that I was only moving furniture and making recommendations which were practical and simple, but with an added feng shui twist. After getting return calls from these first clients who “thanked me for changing their lives!” I decided to study with the late Grandmaster Lin Yun who was the origin of the feng shui teachings that I follow. That was back in 1991 … and now, in 2012, I have a full-time practice as a feng shui master architectural design consultant, published a book, “Feng Shui Revealed,” teach classes around the world as well as doing feng shui consultations for homes, businesses and urban planning. I recently changed the name of my company to be simply, Master RD Chin, Feng Shui Architect.

TFM: Is this affordable and practical considering the current economy? Who does it relate to the best?

RD: Yes, it is affordable and practical to have a feng shui consultation – even during this current economy! Many of my clients will attest to the fact that doing a feng shui consultation is a wonderful way to give clarity and a clear masterplan and a focus for the future of their lives. They consider feng shui as an investment for literally re-designing a life of harmony and prosperity. The majority of my clients are women. They instinctually feel that feng shui is a wonderful guiding tool to gain clarity for their situations. I feel blessed and I love the work that I do using feng shui; many of my clients have referred me to their friends, family and colleagues. I have done consultations for apartments, home renovations and additions, offices, looking at prospective properties, land and even urban planning projects. I feel strongly that my Feng Shui Proposal for the WTC is the highlight of my global planning projects. You can check out the variety of projects that I have done on my Web site. Feng shui is great for planning changes in your home, your office and your life!

TFM: Who are your design mentors? What have you learned from their mistakes?

RD: My design mentors include the late Grandmaster Lin Yun, and the late master architect, Paul Rudolph. It was an honor to study under these creative and inspirational teachers. There were also many teachers from other feng shui traditions where I learned to be very mindful in how I choose my words to make my recommendations. I have learned to truly listen to the underlying needs and concerns of a client during a feng shui consultation. I feel that architects have a tendency to become egocentric in the creation of their spaces. And, I need to be more aware of each client’s cultural background rather than impose the Chinese design ethic into people’s spaces.

TFM: What’s next on your agenda? Any dream projects you’d like an opportunity to tackle?

RD: I am very excited in beginning to teach my Certificate program of Feng Shui Studies. This program is unique where you will get to personally study with the master teacher;  just like the student and teacher relationship in the ancient days of China and in other traditional cultures. I consider myself as the “floating feng shui teacher” where I teach anywhere around the world. I have already been invited to teach in Quebec, Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition to my feng shui work, I have been taking acting classes where I have been doing commercials and film. Most recently, I was cast as a delegate from Bhutan at the U.N. General Assembly for an upcoming feature film by a well known Japanese director.

My dream project would be to do a community or urban plan project. I recently visited Hawaii where I would love to buy a banana plantation and create a wonderful community which will include an eco-gardening program for children, a beautiful classroom in nature where I can teach feng shui, qi gong and invite other inspirational teachers, a bed and breakfast to welcome family, friends and visitors from around the world, and most importantly, to change the perception of a neighborhood to become a positive example of change to help others in the surrounding community.


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