FASHION: Double Vision with Coco and Breezy

“We grew up in the suburbs, and people used to stare at us because we were different. We created eyewear to block eye contact.” _ Coco and Breezy, NY Magazine interview, Jan. 2012


Twin fashion eyewear and accessory designers Corianna “Coco” and Brianna “Breezy” Dotson turn heads every step they take. But don’t let the free-spirited, futuristic look fool you _ they’re all about business. Whether rocking fiercely cropped Mohawks or flowing duo-tone tresses, the statuesque sisters on their own are the best hype machine for C&&B wearable art and stylized shades. The entrepreneurial team better known by childhood nicknames, “Coco and Breezy,” moved to New York  after celebrating their 19th birthday in the city and being stopped and asked often about the handcrafted sunglasses they were wearing. It was enough to fuel a dream, quit their jobs and leave family and friends behind in Minnesota for a brave, new world.

Clearly, a wise move for young visionaries who successfully launched a rapidly expanding DIY venture that is generating online and industry buzz, media attention and celebrity support (among those: Ashanti, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osbourne). A chance meeting with Coco and Breezy this Spring led to the following exclusive with Tania Fuentez Media. “Whenever we have a goal, we work hard to go for it. We really love what we do and working not just hard but extremely smart,” the sisters shared.

TFM: What’s it been like working with each other and collaborating on various projects? Do you find yourselves finishing each others’ sentences often?

Coco&&Breezy: It feels normal. We’ve been like this all of our lives. Before we started our business, when we worked retail, we worked at the same jobs. Even in high school, we had the same classes and sat right next to each other. We love working together on our business and different projects. We both are on the same page and it’s an awesome balance. And, yess … We finish each others’ sentences all the time. Haha.

TFM: You’re originally from the Midwest, but now call Brooklyn home. Is there anything you really miss about the Midwest? Do you return when time permits?

C&&B: No, there is nothing about the Midwest that we miss besides our parents and one of our best friends, Sharita, and a few other folks. But other than friends and family, there is nothing there for us. We feel like Brooklyn is home, and being in NYC was the best move we could have ever done.

TFM: Describe your childhood and what inspired the fashion-savvy side?

C&&B: Cutting and re-constructing the “School” clothes our parents just bought. LOL, ya’ we would always redesign our outfits. I have to say that our parents were a huge inspiration. They always supported our love for fashion and art. They would let us dress and express ourselves through fashion however we wanted.

TFM: Besides being twins, what sets you apart from the hundreds of young, hip designers ready to make a splash?

C&&B: Being authentic and true to ourselves. I think a lot of young people use the excuse, “Oh, I’m young, I still have time.” Yes that’s true, but why wait when you can do it now. Whenever we have a goal, we work hard to go for it. We really love what we do and working not just hard but extremely smart. You know, it’s all about having an open perspective in life. It’s a mindset that we look at situations differently than most. We take bad situations and turn them into positive. We want to set an example that anything is possible.

TFM: What do you do for fun? Ever switch roles for a day?

C&&B: OMG, so we just bought these bicycles, and we are super excited. They are matte black on black and that has been sooo much fun for us. It’s been a new happiness and excitement. Biking in the NYC streets, we have already met so many new people and seen new scenery.

TFM: Who do you admire most in your life and why?

C&&B: Our parents. Honestly, they are amazing, and we really admire them. I admire them for supporting our dreams and not making us into society kids. Whenever someone said something smart about our style, our parents always stood up for us.


Coco && Breezy:

C&&B on tumblr:

Coco and Breezy video interview on Black


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