MUSIC: ‘How Clubbing Changed the World’


I’m noticing a shameless rush among mainstream press to cover EDM (electronic dance music), the latest media darling deemed “hot-right-now’ by all the cool kids, as though it is some brand new shiny toy trending across all platforms. Understandably, much of the attention is misdirected on a lot of celebrity DJ hype instead of any real substance at the heart of clubland’s existence. For the record, this influential underground music, lifestyle and culture thrived for decades around the world in one form or another (disco, House, techno, rave, trance, drum-n-bass, dubstep, electronica, etc.). If you’re interested in more than the smoke and mirrors, I highly recommend checking out two recent documentaries that do a good job at equally presenting historical and social context to a movement that continues to change the world.

Up first, the UK’s Channel 4 program, How Clubbing Changed the World, which counts down defining moments in global dance music’s evolution. Spoiler alert: the show’s host is a famously popular British actor who is also a DJ.


The second film delves into the rise and fall of Peter Gatien’s NYC nightlife empire and the goings-on at the infamous Limelight club. Try as they (club owners, promoters, etc.) might, nothing comes close to comparison as far as I’m concerned. The film is available now on DVD, complete with in-depth interviews and great footage of the Limelight before it became a high-end boutique mall space. Consumerism at its best (sigh).


‘How Clubbing Changed the World’ on Channel 4 (UK):

Limelight (Official Movie Site):

DJ Driis (Idris Elba):

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