PHOTO: Marcos Minuchin Uncovers the Secret Life of Toys


He hasn’t been in a helicopter or swam with a great white (shark), but Argentinean photographer Marcos Minuchin can scratch off exposing the secret life of toys from his “to-do” list. Think you’ve got it bad in a tough economy? See how unemployed Star Wars characters are handling the recession or what Spidey’s up to these days! Check out Minuchin’s newly updated Web site, SLT (which fittingly stands for the Secret Life of Toys). He explains, SLT is “a project I started to counter my professional frustration, during the fall of 2009. From rusted tin lunch boxes to today’s vinyl toys, I’m attracted to the forms, the textures, the shapes of action figures, figurines and everything along those lines. They get into our lives and they take in new positions, new shapes and forms, they become an extension of us. That’s why I approach them not as toys but as people.” OK, I get it … and extend a gracious “gracias” to Minuchin for this month’s Q&A with Tania Fuentez Media. Still wondering what’s the appeal over real life subjects? Minuchin sums it up on his site: “Because they’re honest, they’re excellent storytellers, and they work long hours without complaining.”

NOTE: All photos courtesy of Marcos Minuchin.

TFM: So, how do you come up with all those twisted scenarios for some very recognizable, beloved characters? Ever shock yourself or offend potential buyers?

Marcos: I get inspiration from my everyday life, which I suppose can be twisted to some. I do not set out to offend anyone; I try to get people in touch with true emotion, in whatever form that may come.

TFM: What was your favorite pastime as a child? Where did you grow up and how did that factor into your artwork?

Marcos: Does masturbation count? Actually I was an avid stamp collector. I grew up in Argentina. Growing up in a third-world country certainly gave me a different perspective which has certainly factored into my artwork. Everybody has different experiences and different perspectives. I don’t know if anyone really sees the same thing the same way. Which is a major reason, I don’t explain my artwork. It is what people perceive it to be.

TFM: What has been your most ambitious project to date? And, how did you settle on the catchy title, Secret Life of Toys, for your site?

Marcos: My most ambitious …. easy …. fatherhood. I tossed around a bunch of names, but settled on The Secret Life of Toys because it encompasses my total body of work, something simple and easily visualized.

TFM: Have you been approached by Adult Swim yet? Where do you think you best fit creatively?

Marcos: NO. I don’t think I fit in anywhere specifically, I never did nor would I want to. I create my own niche and hope people enjoy.

TFM: What is your guilty pleasure? Any childhood habits you just can’t shake?

Marcos: Easy answer for both questions. Playing with toys.

TFM: And, where can curious souls find your work? Exhibits planned soon in New York City?

Marcos: My Web site: www.thesecretlifeof … We will be at the Union Square Holiday Market starting Nov. 16th through Dec. 24th and the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, starting Nov. 28th and that too goes through Dec. 24th.


The Secret Life of Toys:

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