ART: Psychosis y Dementia: A Love Story



Following the path of more and more indie artists fed up with waiting to be “discovered” and taking matters into their own hands, Hector Valle is striking a chord with the masses. May the odds be in his favor and he finds success with his graphic novel horror series, Psychosis y Dementia: A Love Story. We met at the 2012 NY Comic Con, where his limited print edition made an impression among a growing fan base. Don’t be afraid …be very afraid because, “Este Asesino, Tiene Sabor Latino,” he tells Tania Fuentez Media in the following Q&A.

TFM: So, please tell me what’s up with Pyschosis y Dementia? When and where did this love story take root?

Psychosis: Well, 15 years ago, I came to work on Halloween in a black mask carrying a severed head of Jason Voorhees (of Friday the 13th fame). I scared the living daylights out of my co-workers and that very night I wrote the first draft of Psychosis Y Dementia – A Love Story. I decided to write the story of a demon of vengeance that would avenge the death of innocent victims. The story became a tale of a slaughtered tribe of Mayan Indians by Spanish pirates looking for gold in the 1500s. The demon was summoned by the medicine man to avenge his tribe but the creature was captured and bound by a blessed mask made from Mayan gold. The creature laid dormant until he once again came in contact with innocent blood. In the mid-1950s a bloody machete is inadvertently left on the sleeping giant’s grave; resurrecting him and his need for bloody vengeance. The story takes an odd turn of events when Psychosis’ path crosses with the daughter of the murder victim …

TFM: How about a little background check? Where are you from originally, what’s your favorite pastime … and, why were you carrying around a gruesomely realistic-looking severed head at NY Comic Con this year!?!

Psychosis: My name is Hector Valle and I was (and still am pretty much) an unknown writer who wrote short stories, screenplays and novels with little or no commercial success. I was born in New York but my parents are from Puerto Rico, which is why I gave my horror story a Spanish flair. I hope to produce the film entirely in Spanish. Other than that I have the same interests as anyone else. I like to watch movies and TV shows in order to hone my story-telling skills. I have published 13 novels under my name and under a pen name and one of my novels is now selling worldwide on and Kindle.

LOL! As to why I was carrying a severed head at the NY Comic Con; I try to stay true to the image of the Psychosis character. As time went on the design of the mask I wear changed to represent the demon ‘Psychosis’ as he is reincarnated in the body of a dead biker. The look and the persona seems to be a big hit with the attendees of the Comic Con and I have gone to the Con dressed as Psychosis for the past six years. It has come to the point where the regular visitors and even the vendors look for me. I have been interviewed by FoxNews, The G4 Network and several Internet-based shows. My catchphrase, “Este Asesino Tiene Sabor Latino,” gets an excellent response from the Latino community. I get the most photo requests from visitors and celebrities alike when they see me coming carrying the severed head and swinging my bloody machete!

TFM: Tips on self-publishing versus going the traditional literary route. Think it might be easier or more difficult breaking into the graphic novel arena these days in contrast to the past?

Psychosis: Self-publishing is the way to go now with some self-publishing companies not charging for publishing your novel. Providing that you can supply the interior file and the cover, there is NO cost to put your vision out there and if you publish through, the Kindle version is published free, as well. Now is the time for a writer who has been frustrated with the Catch-22 of publishing. (You can’t get a publisher until you sell your novel but you can’t sell your novel without a publisher!) to get their work out there; but do understand, getting your novel published is only the first step. You have to network and market your novel so that it will trend and garner an audience. I hope to find a graphic artist that can turn the novel into a comic book and it will be distributed worldwide.

TFM: Next big thing on your horizon?

Psychosis: Well, I have published ‘Psychosis Y Dementia – A Love Story’ as a novel in English and I am presently promoting the novel. I have pitched the story as a Spanish Telenovela for TV and hope to get a call back soon. I hope to produce the film version of the novel in Spanish with a cast of well-loved Latino actors. It would be the first horror film with an all-star Spanish cast!

Here is the IndieGoGo link:

I am presently working on six sequels to the original story. There is one story where ‘Psychosis’ goes to Japan to spin-off an Anime version with a Japanese samurai and a princess! There is a world of possibilities for this franchise!


Psychosis y Dementia: A Love Story:

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