ART: Makeup Artist’s Secret to Success


Syfy channel’s popular TV series Face Off recently wrapped Season 3, showing what it takes to transform an ordinary person into those fantastical creatures we love to see on the big screen. If you’re interested in making a living as a professional makeup artist and creating movie magic, like Jennifer Jaksic intends, she shares a little “secret” in the following interview with Tania Fuentez Media. When it applies to applying makeup, Jaksic stands by this golden rule …  but you’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

NOTE: All photos provided by Jennifer Jaksic unless otherwise noted.

TFM: We met at this year’s NY Comic Con. How was that for you and what were some of the highlights? Which costume made you do a double take?

JJ: This year was my first year at NY Comic Con and it was an amazing experience. It was so rewarding meeting all the different types of people with different stories. Meeting you was one of the highlights at Comic Con. Your work is amazing and it inspired me. Unfortunately, was not able to see many customs because I was booked doing makeup but on my way out of Comic Con I saw a guy in a giant robot costume and he must have been 300 pounds. The costume looked amazing. I have a lot of respect for everyone who came in costume. People took so much time and put so much thought into their costumes _ it was an inspiration.


TFM: First, thank you for such kind words. Never know on what level you’ll connect with someone, so it’s good to hear this from another artist. Now, back to our interview! What’s the overall appeal and success rate of makeup artistry as a professional career? How did you get into it and eventually decide it was the path to make a living?

JJ: I decided to get into makeup because of my sister. I was always artistic and had a thing for horror movies and she knew I was a fan of the show, Face Off. So one day she suggested I look up a school, so I did and started the program immediately! The appeal rate is very high, I mean who would not want to be a part of music videos, plays, student films, and, maybe one day, motion pictures? Makeup artistry is a very competitive field but the success is dependent on your dedication. You can never give up, you must keep going, who knows where you could end up, as long as you’re dedicated and truly happy doing what you do. I have been a professional makeup artist for a year and a half and everyday is a battle, but I would not give it up for anything.


TFM: Ever consider trying out for the popular Syfy competition, Face Off, which really puts makeup artists and costume designers to the test. What’s your all-time creative challenge?

JJ: Yes, I have thought about it and I was actually contacted by them through email last year, however, I am unsure if that is the route I want to go. My all-time creative challenge so far has been my school projects, each special FX class had an ending project, the first one was the “Woodsman” on my Web site and the second one was the “Military Experiment.”

TFM: Describe your most rewarding project to date. What else is on the horizon?

JJ: My most rewarding project to date was Comic Con. It was so rewarding and I was able to display a lot of my talent. My plan is to continue to build a portfolio and become more involved with Syfy movies.

TFM: By the way, who does your makeup for Halloween, Comic Con, etc.? Any secrets you’d like to share (especially for newbies)? Absolute must-haves or favorite tools of the trade (brushes, foundation, lighting, etc.)

JJ: I am a freelance professional makeup artist, when I have a job that requires more than one person I usually call for assistance from my classmates. I do my own makeup for Halloween. My little secret is “less is more,” it’s much easier to add to something than it is to take away. Some of my favorite tools are the blending brush, flicking brushes, airbrush machine and stencils.


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