MUSIC: The Gospel According to Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock



Angelspit‘s collective legion of supporters can rest assured Zoog Von Rock has faith in the future despite “the latest mass fashion statement” or newest EBM band sounding exactly like the last. The Aussie frontman for the electro punk act is touring the U.S. and tells Tania Fuentez Media in an exclusive interview that “art is critical to surviving in this time. Your art helps you stay focused and is a constant reminder that you are more than a pay cheque, more than a job title, more than a suit with a career … The future is going to rock because so many people want to make it better.” Mayan predictions aside, couldn’t agree more with that forecast.

TFM: On the heels of your European tour, how’s the North American leg of ‘Wall Street Massacre’ shaping up? What’s the vibe been among crowds from city to city? Any “head-shaking in disbelief” moments yet?

Zoog: The tour is awesome! The response has been mind-blowing. The tour (both in Europe and the USA) has shown me that Angelspit is doing something right and being true to our supporters. I have met and spoken to so many people and really connected with them. The shows have been more like wild parties than gigs. The biggest “head shaking moment” was crossing through the Canadian border. Canadian Border guards emptied out the entire contents of the tour bus and trailer, then ran a sniffer dog through it twice. They lined us up and ran the dog over us three times. They took two of our party aside to be strip searched, then refused entry to one … and that was the day of the first show…! It got crazier from there on!

TFM: By the way, love the tour’s title and flyer artwork chosen at a profound time in history. Perhaps the message will sink in through the music …

Zoog: I am glad you like it! I designed small fliers in the shape of U.S. one dollar bills and were splattered in blood. I printed almost 30,000 of them and sent them to our massive street teams all over the USA – those guys are the best! An amazing artist named Walt Watts designed the poster and T-shirt – I LOVE IT! Skull Riot Troopers marching through ruined streets as the city burns … while it’s raining money … it’s perfect! In the new album, Hello My Name Is, my lyrics go beyond the “99%” idea and explores the idea of keeping your humanity in a dehumanized world. This is something we all face – dealing with 21st century corporate slavery.


TFM: Unapologetic, visually stunning and sonically aggressive, define Angelspit’s overall philosophy on art? Is the band evolving in step with what’s happening in the alternative and Goth/Industrial scene around the globe? Where do you find motivation?

Zoog: Art is critical to surviving in this time. Your art helps you stay focused and is a constant reminder that you are more than a pay cheque, more than a job title, more than a suit with a career.


I have no idea what is happening with goth/industrial. I am not interested. The problem our tribe now faces is much bigger than “The latest mass fashion statement” or the newest EBM band who sound exactly like the last. Our genre was once seen as great innovators. Now it’s seen as great consumers. I find endless motivation in the conversation I have with Angelspit’s awesome supporters. Always hungry for art, music and innovation … not just to experience what we have, but to also make their own art.

TFM: Hello My Name Is broke ground upon its 2011 release. What do you envision for Angelspit’s next album?

Zoog: I have written most of Angelspit’s new album. It is utter brutality mixed with perverted beauty. It is shaping up to be the deadliest to date. The visuals, fashion and photo shoot will be the most ambitious yet. I hope to release mid-2013.

TFM: Originally from Sydney, Australia, what do you miss most while traveling? Favorite pastime on tour?

Zoog: I miss Australian accents. I miss the way Australians sing their sentences rather than just speak them. While on tour I miss not having a headquarters. I get the best ideas while on tour and note them down on paper. After tour I always need to go through these and make sense of all my scrawlings.

I love traveling. The food, the different accents, the different sence of humor … it’s all so awesome. My favorite part is meeting people from different places and discovering that we are all concerned with the same things. The future is going to rock because so many people want to make it better.



Angelspit’s YouTube channel:


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