MUSIC: ‘Children of the World’ Tops Traxsource 100 Downloads


As the year comes to an end, Grammy-winning DJ/producer and composer Louie Vega offers a message of hope with Children of the World, the first release on Fania Records / Vega Records’ forthcoming album, Elements of Life: Eclipse. The track by Vega’s EOL ensemble debuted Dec. 18 in a remix package featuring Josh Milan on lead vocals, promptly earning high praise and topping’s Top 100 Downloads list at No. 1.


I definitely stand behind the song’s underlying reminder that no matter what’s happening in the world or how bad things may seem, we should still envision a brighter future in the hands of generations to come. “Elements of Life is about bringing together many cultures, rhythms, artists who do all, from writing to singing in various languages, and are from different parts of the world,” Vega says of his live orchestra project in an interview with Tania Fuentez Media earlier this year. “It’s about celebrating life, a message to the youth, letting the youth know how important it is to be aware of all going on and realizing how they are the future for us all.”


Children of the World on Traxsource:

Vega Records:

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