New Year’s resolutions really aren’t my “thing,” but I’m stepping outside the comfort zone and participating in the first Weekly Photo Challenge of 2013 started by The Daily Post on WordPress. The upbeat hosts of the blog explain they created it for “people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators. This isn’t about “the experts” giving you the foolproof keys to blogging success; there are no foolproof keys, and we’re all in this community together. This is about giving bloggers a place to learn – from us and from each other – and experiment.”

OK, tossing in my two cents: a photo taken the other night while walking through Madison Square Park in New York. The 30-foot tall spherical light sculpture, BUCKYBALL, by artist Leo Villareal best represents what I’d like to get better at in photography this year _ focusing on the BIGGER picture. Of course, this applies to more than mastering DSLR techniques since I’m resolved to stop sweating the small stuff in life. At this stage, I’m definitely up to the challenge.


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