This week’s Photo Challenge from the folks over at The Daily Post on WordPress stumped me. You’d think the theme, illumination, would be a cinch for someone who shoots nightlife on the regular. Well … this challenge calls for creative interpretations and more abstract approaches to what illumination means to participants. Searching through hundreds of wide-angle and close-up photos taken in recent years of club scenes, concerts and oh-so carefully lit crowd shots, narrowing down choices was tricky.


Surprised myself and came across two that made me pause, which have absolutely nothing to do with nightlife. The first: a cluster of votive candles flickering in a secluded section of the French medieval Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres. The second is Paris’ grande dame, the Eiffel Tower. I selected the shots because they best capture ‘illumination’ to me (both taken on Christmas holiday a few years ago). On one hand, an iconic landmark seen daily by residents illuminates many dreams of Parisian life, while the other says a lot on a small scale about spiritual reflection, hope and enlightenment. Either way, these lights are functional yet powerful symbols.


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