The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge has quickly become a welcomed exercise added to my routine. I’d say primarily because there is some semblance of respect and gratitude for the art and craft of photography involved in the process. Earlier today, I’d read a new post simply titled, “Five Things I Love about Photography,” on digital media pioneer Scott Bourne’s blog, Photofocus. It reminded me why I bother to do what I do as a journalist and visual artist through the years.

I feel the same selecting a shot for the Daily Post‘s weekly challenge, which this time asks participants to share a photo that says “unique.” Dozens of pictures stood out upon review, but one took me back to a warm, breezy day in Curaçao, a distinctively unique Caribbean island celebrating its recent independence from the Netherland Antilles. The vacation photo of a pair of flamingos was a timeless moment when my eyes locked with one of the majestic creatures cleaning its plumage. How can anyone deny those delicate yet unique qualities only found in nature?



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