MUSIC: Grammys Aside, International Dance Music Awards Give EDM Full Attention


The 55th annual Grammys are behind us and the hype over pop “music’s biggest night” will settle down soon enough. As for the rest of us more attuned to what’s trending underground, nominees for the 2013 International Dance Music Awards have been announced. Voting ends March 1, with an illustrious mix of artists up for the coveted honor. Held during Miami’s Winter Music Conference, IDMA is considered one of the “most anticipated annual events on the global music calendar.” In its 28th year, IDMA is the only long-standing awards event dedicated to the EDM industry, organizers say.


The event generates more than 2 million votes from music enthusiasts in 206 countries and territories every year to recognize and honor exceptional achievements in nearly 60 categories. This year, Grammy winner Louie Vega is among IDMA nominees for his remix of the Josh Milan song, Thinking About Your Body (Best House/Garage/Deep House Track). Is South Beach in your sights next month? Vega also has a full lineup in store for 2013’s Winter Music Conference, including an exclusive Masters at Work party with Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez.



28th Annual International Dance Music Awards:

2013 Winter Music Conference:

Vega Records:


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