WELLNESS: Secrets of a Zen Master Revealed



One of the first rules of journalism, whether designing infographics or epic storytelling, begins with a K.I.S.S. That’s right, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Contrary to popular belief and Internet trends, I find this still applies in most cases (less really is more, people). Yet, many struggle daily with such a basic concept as we charge ahead in our hyperactive lives. Take a moment to slow down, when necessary. Meditate, observe nature, stop and smell the roses or any flower on the way to the next destination. Live in the moment.

Earlier today, I came across Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits, and want to share his insights on a Zenful path. You’ll notice the difference when you go to his site. No crazy graphics, bombastic YouTube clips or flashing ads promoting the latest tech must-haves. A lot of valuable advice, though. Enough there to keep me focused on doing what I can to make the world a little better. Just keeping it simple, so no one’s left feeling stupid.


Zen Habits: http://zenhabits.net/


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