MUSIC: London DJ Puts New York in the ‘Mood’ for House Music


“mood = a temporary state of mind or feeling”

Room Control label manager Vincenzo Siracusa joins a stellar cast of DJs teaming up for a special event in New York this weekend. Party people are amped as word spreads ahead of a night of deep House music with the main man behind the MOOD (London) party, marking its first anniversary across the pond. I recently caught up with Siracusa, who takes a moment to explain how it all began in the following Q&A. Jon Cutler (Distant Music), Jovonn (Objektivity) and DJ Romain (Nu Faze) round out the crew for this Saturday night banger.

NOTE: Free entry to MOOD (New York) on guest list. Submit names to: or join the Facebook event:

TFM: How’s your stay in New York so far? Besides clubbing, what exactly has an international DJ from the U.K. been up to in Gotham City? Staying out of trouble, right?

VS: My stay in New York has been fantastic, as always. I’ve been coming to New York for the past five years, as I have a friend who I make music with that lives here. We also hold events in the city annually. I having been spending a lot of time in the studio producing to be honest, but I try and check out as many events as I can. This industry is all about networking, so it’s all about attending these events, connecting with like-minded people and promoting your music. My time here is limited so I try and give my music to as many DJs and promoters as I can while I am here.

As I am a foreign artist and promoter here, I think it’s necessary checking out what people are listening to here, what DJs are playing and how other promoters operate their events. The music and clubbing culture is different in Europe, so ultimately I wanted to bring that experience to the Big Apple. I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble in New York, but it’s hard when you’re in a city that’s so much fun :)

TFM: Now here’s a cool factoid to add on the résumé: your connection with MOOD (London), an international music event. Sounds fascinating, tell me more!

VS: Mood is an event that has been brewing in my head for years and finally launched last year here in New York. The movement was triggered when a friend of mine was trying to think of a name for his own club night back in London. I remember one night we were both thinking of suggestions and we finally both came up with a good one each. He foolishly decided to go with his (haha). I obviously really liked mine (LOL), so much I decided to do something about it.

A month later I was in New York, told a friend I wanted to start an event and he later found me the perfect venue in the Lower East Side. I then asked some close friends of mine to play, got some flyers printed up and started to connect with people. It truly turned out to be a memorable night and I felt there was a different vibe compared to some of the other New York events I had been to. This inspired me to start doing more events overseas, including parties in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event and in Miami for the Winter Music Conference.

Mood keeps going from strength to strength. In a year we have met some amazing people, worked with some established artists and record labels, and have had some great support from the crowds, our friends, family and followers. Our next event is this Saturday, May 4th at Bar 13. This will be our first year anniversary and second event in New York. Setting the mood on the night will be some of the legendary pioneers of the New York Deep House sound, who have influenced what my vision of House is today.




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Mood (New York) at Bar 13:

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