TV: Heroes of Cosplay, Face Off on Syfy Channel



You don’t want to miss two original series premiering tonight (Aug. 13) on Syfy Channel, especially with the promise of superheroes and out-of-this-world creatures coming to life right before your eyes. Billed as ‘Transformation Tuesdays,’ the night kicks off with Face Off returning with an eager set of rookies pitted against veteran artists vying for a chance at redemption.

Then, Heroes of Cosplay, a promising new docu-series, follows up with a behind-the-scenes narrative on the world of costuming and conventions. As far as die-hard fans are concerned, both shows are potentially addictive. I’ve been hooked on Face Off from Day One, and now I’m excited to see Heroes of Cosplay, which features fantastical costume designer/model Yaya Han, who I had the pleasure of meeting years ago at NY Comic Con.

Stay tuned … this could get very interesting.


Syfy Channel:

Hollywood Reporter review:

More on Comic-Con:

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