MUSIC: J Dilla Tribute ‘Essential’ to New Disclosure Mix


“Often imitated, but never duplicated … that holds true for my music and most Detroit artists,” says an almost familiar voice-over directly following Jaylib’s React (feat. Quasimoto) and just before Q-Tip’s classic, Let’s Ride, drops. It’s that kind of brilliant interplay separating the boys from the men in dance music today and apparent on Disclosure’s Essential Mix for BBC’s Radio 1.

Besides J Dilla’s tribute at the onset with Slum Village and Gang Starr tracks, I really like the story being told in this exclusive two hour mix. Guy and Howard Lawrence’s DJ skills are evolving as we speak and for this Radio 1 debut they present spanking-new music from Breach, Friend Within, New York Transit Authority and Dusky. The bright-eyed, UK-bred brothers keep things moving with an interesting remix selection, including I Get Deeper a cappella and the euphoric acid House track, Lack of Love, by Adonis & Charles B.

These kids know a lot more about the foundation than most, yet remain eager to contribute whatever they can to underground dance culture (not that it needs any validation at this stage of the game). BBC Radio 1 declares their mix “essential listening.” So, what are you waiting for … grab the free download now.


BBC’s Radio 1:


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