MUSIC: ‘Mi Casa Es Su Casa’ Holiday Taking Off on Global Scale



Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday is deep into its fifth season and closing in on Playa del Carmen for what promises to be an “off-the-charts” finale. New York City’s The Standard/Le Bain was the latest stop on the festival’s itinerary, which included events this year at Miami’s Winter Music Conference, Costa Rica, San Francisco, LA and Chicago. The DJ lineup, parties and activities planned Oct. 10-13 in Mexico look amazing.

In 2009, Mi Casa founders Julius Spates and Jenn Hurst took a leap of faith in something they believed in so strongly it resonated with a global audience. Hurst was inspired by her brother’s DJ sets, and was often traveling to his gigs, according to the official Mi Casa website.

Through those experiences, she began envisioning the possibility of fusing events with destinations to bring back a jolt of excitement to things. Despite a “downward spiraling economy and enthusiasm in dance culture,” they successfully bridged DJ entertainment with unique travel concepts, as stated on their site.

“My sister kept saying, ‘Julius, can you imagine it? … Just think! … “Wouldn’t it be amazing if? … “I can see it!,”‘ recalls Spates (better known as Julius the Mad Thinker). “She took me back to our childhood. She made me believe in myself and our abilities to inspire and do what was needed to bring our communities of friends and family together.”


Mi Casa Es Su Casa:

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