MUSIC: Viva Las Vegas: World’s Highest-Paid DJs Descend on the Desert

File this under ridiculousness. Forbes just came out with its “electronic cash king” DJ list, and the numbers are staggering for 2013. Coming in first place at $46 million, Calvin Harris made more than top-earning performers Jay-Z, Kanye West or Katy Perry. And, move over Ibiza. Las Vegas has become the new magnet for electronic dance music.

I know, I know … DJ culture has surpassed the trending stage. It’s rooted firmly in mainstream media _ film, TV, social networks like Twitter and Instagram, commercials, even high fashion (priced designer headphones lately?). Still, househeads like myself have to wonder why our multi-talented legends and unsung artists aren’t getting their fair share. Even veteran producer Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) recognized a cause to pause recently. “… When requested to be a guest judge on Simon Cowell’s failed DJ reality show, he told him to beat it,” The (UK) Sun reports.

“As dance music gets taken over by people like Cowell it becomes about being famous and money, the nasty side which I think for years it was relatively free of,” he says. “Kids grow up thinking to be a DJ, you’ve got to be sexy and bling… it’s not about that.”

Vegas and the Electric Daisy Carnival wasn’t his cup of tea, either. “I feel more at home at Detroit Movement than I do at EDC,” he says. “I did a residency in Vegas two years ago, and to be honest, the Vegas side of it really isn’t for me – that whole VIP, table, bottles of Cristal, girls with pneumatic tits. That’s not my vibe.

Simply put, the underground is no longer counterculture, so those who built the foundation and cleared a path deserve more respect than they’re getting now. Just offering my two cents for the ones who worked so hard all these years to keep a smile on my face and song in my heart, especially when times are hard. Do you remember House?


Forbes article:


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