MUSIC: BBC News Takes Note of South African House Music

Check out why UK journalists are all over this story _ South African House music has become a “music phenomenon” in London’s underground club scene and it’s clearly on the rise. Tell me something I already knew as it continues to span the globe.

For years, I’ve been among those who immediately embraced it with open arms in NYC’s House scene, grooving to the sounds at Ian Friday and Manchildblack’s Libation, Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge’s long-running Roots at Cielo, Club Shelter, ¡Wepa!, Brooklyn’s Soul Summit Music Festival, Jellybean Benitez parties, DJ Stormin’ Norman’s Sundae Sermon in Harlem and so many other joyous gatherings where we come to release, commune and celebrate the rhythm.

All this new to you? Then, ditch the pop charts, bottle service and fist-pumping EDM crowd to find out what all the buzz is about next time clubbing in your city. South Africa’s sound is hard to resist, but I feel that way about all forms of soulful House music. Know what I’m talking about already? In that case, just turn someone else on to this universal message.

Now, “ask yourself … can you dance to my beat?”

And, remember to just let go and move.


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One thought on “MUSIC: BBC News Takes Note of South African House Music

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