I struggled with how to present the following series of shots until coming across this week’s Daily Post photo challenge on WordPress. The theme, inside, fit where I was literally and emotionally during a visit to St. Paul’s Chapel, which directly faces the World Trade Center.

Avoiding the 9/11 crowds this year, I spent a few hours at Ground Zero the following day … just not at the National September 11 Memorial‘s reflecting pool. Somehow it felt more personal walking through the modest brick church, which stood defiantly in the shadows when the Twin Towers fell 12 years ago. I stood in silence Thursday as the chapel bell tolled for victims, then lingered through scripture readings and prayers for peace alongside other visitors.

St. Paul’s Chapel served as sanctuary for thousands of volunteers and recovery workers nearly a year after the 2001 attacks. Today, the exhibit, Unwavering Spirit: Hope and Healing at Ground Zero, reminds us of this profound ministry and display of faith regardless of race, creed, color or religious beliefs.


9/11 anniversary photo gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajournalist/sets/72157635508798797/


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