ART: Chelsea’s Sleek G Lounge Still ‘The Destination’

Award-winning artist and designer David Paul Kay will reveal an original 5,000+ square-foot continuous, wall-to-ceiling mural at G Lounge tonight, celebrating the iconic Chelsea hotspot’s 16th anniversary. Widely recognized as kick-starting a new trend when it opened in the 1990s, G Lounge is New York City’s first upscale gay lounge which continues to uphold a certain level of excellence in style and design.



Be sure to toast Michael McGrail on the success of his lounge, and be on the lookout for celeb host and Olympic medalist Johnny Weir (woo-hoo!). Next‘s Nightlife Hall of Fame inductee Bill Coleman also has a special DJ set planned for the occasion.

Recently, G Lounge led the charge boycotting Russia’s anti-gay laws by being the first New York City gay bar to pull Stoli vodka from its shelves and join the fight for LGBT rights in the former Soviet Union and globally.


G Lounge:

David Paul Kay:

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