ART: Konrad Jarodzki’s ‘Distorted Clarity’ Comes into Full View for First US Solo Show


New York-based arts nonprofit chashama is proud to present Distorted Clarity, Konrad Jarodzki’s comprehensive selection of rare works centered on space, form and movement. The exhibit, on view through Oct. 3, is Jarodzki’s first solo show in the US.

The acclaimed architect and artist, using only paintbrush, spatula and canvas, allows his pieces to speak volumes through color gradation and the illusion of light. Many reflect profound events such as the destruction of Wroclaw (Poland) after World War II, Turoszow and Sept. 11, 2001. In the late 1950s, Jarodzki held a position working as an architect for the Wroclaw city office, rebuilding from ruins after WWII.

“A war without participation of states, a war not declared, a war without crossing the borders. A new era of world conflicts – terrorism,” Jarodzki notes on his website regarding the World Trade Center exhibition. “My paintings do not illustrate this event with photographic accuracy. They are in a way metaphors and symbol. They express the clash of the harmony of existing reality with the destruction triggered by fanaticism and hatred.”

Distorted Clarity is free and open to all ages. Opening reception is from 7-9 p.m. Thursday in Midtown Manhattan (210 E. 43rd St.).



Distorted Clarity:

Konrad Jarodzki:

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