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One of the things I love about the Bronx is the people you’ll meet and pride they share for such diverse communities found throughout the borough. Recently, I ran into Jose BX and the hard-working crew of while covering an event, and applaud the spirit behind this independent production team. With a clear goal in mind, they’re dedicated to uplifting Hip Hop culture every step of the way and delivering “TrueStorie Entertainment” for the masses. Find out why in the following Q&A.

TFM: Your motto is “spreading motivational and positive awareness.” What do you hope to achieve through BxLogo T.V.? How has the community responded to this message thus far?

JBX: The goal is simple, which may in fact be unattainable, but is worth trying. To unify the Hip Hop culture … that is dealing with self-imposed separation. The community has been responding with great enthusiasm to see a media outlet that’s controlled by someone who actually is from the Hip Hop culture. The fact that it is all about motivational and positive awareness makes it all the more captivating to the community.

TFM: How did you get into production and where do you see BxLogo T.V. five years from now?

JBX: Production came from desperation from seeing other media outlets dictating our culture, in just a negative aspect. I see BxLogo T.V. as the antidote to the rest of the so-called Hip Hop media.

TFM: What are some of the show’s highlights? Have you been caught off guard or surprised during a live shot?

JBX: Some of the highlights of the show is to see a rapper who may have said explicit lyrics in their songs, turn around and say something positive to the kids, who may have viewed them as a negative person.

And, yes, I have been surprised during a live shot several times, most commonly when I am in the middle of interviewing someone within the culture and I realize the microphone was disconnected.


TFM: Favorite spots in the Bronx for food, families and fun? Are there any landmarks or special places you’d recommend for first-time visitors to the borough?

JBX: My favorite place for juice is the juice bar on Castle Hill called Juices for Life. My favorite place to eat is City Island’s Crab Shanty. The place I’d suggest a first-time visitor to visit is the old Spofford Juvenile Center (later known as Bridges Juvenile Center) to see how our future is viewed.

TFM: Brooklyn’s definitely trending now, so why have you turned your attention on the Bronx? I’d like to think our time is coming with so many great stories still to be told.

JBX: It goes back to the first question, my goal is to unify the Hip Hop culture, that is made up of all ethnicities and religions that help form the culture. It is said that the Bronx started Hip Hop, so I started in the Bronx and used the BX Logo as a flag for The Culture. So, it doesn’t matter if your from Brooklyn, Queens, Germany or Japan, my attention is to uncover or unmask the “boobie traps” that are set up in my opinion to keep us divided.


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