MUSIC: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Nathan Adams’ ‘Audio Therapy’


Who couldn’t use some serious Audio Therapy with the amount of laughable nonsense being hoisted upon unsuspecting consumers of pop pablum and sketchy EDM dribble circulating online and infiltrating clubland lately. Versatile talent Nathan Adams rises to task with his much-anticipated début album on Tribe Records UK, featuring nothing but the best in soulful House music.

Hypnotic grooves from start to finish, the new album emphasizes quality over quantity without sacrificing an ounce of musicianship. Adams’ angelic voice melds flawlessly with each arrangement. Even more impressive are the collaborations throughout Audio Therapy, ranging from Grammy-winning Louie Vega‘s stunner (Falling) to South Africa’s Black Coffee  (Afraid of the Dark) and the unstoppable Tribe Records’ mastermind, Zepherin Saint.

In 2008, Adams came on strong with his first release, Circles, which also was the first release on Tribe Records. Never looking back since then, the singer/songwriter has delivered hit after hit and earned the respect of his peers in the dance music industry and underground scene. If you don’t have a clue, I highly recommend a quick listen to the album preview here. Yes, I still believe that no matter what, deep House will never die.


Nathan Adams:

Tribe Records UK:

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