PHOTO: Long Lines, Rain or Shine Won’t Keep Fans from New York Comic Con



The threat of a rainstorm had little power over fandom as New York Comic Con opened its doors Thursday. Celebrating its seventh year, tickets sold out fast but don’t fret if you can’t join all the excitement at the Jacob K. Javits Center. NYCC Live Stream is back! Tune in for convention updates and exclusives from the Main Stage, show floor and Empire Stage all weekend.



OK, so here’s the deal for those in attendance. With more than 130,000 people expected, 400 events scheduled and four miles of exhibitor-filled aisles, it helps to play nice and show some respect for fellow freaks and geeks (I say this lovingly!!).

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My two cents: Have an idea what you want to do (prioritize, prioritize), who you want to meet, how much you plan to spend and where to hang out for the best celebrity encounters. Most of all, enjoy the ride. It’ll be a wild one.


New York Comic Con 2013:

NYCC preview/photo gallery:

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