ART: 5 Reasons This Blogger’s Celebrating 4 Years on WordPress



OK, I’ve got more than five reasons, but let’s save that list for another time. Four years ago, I lost my corporate job with benefits in a massive layoff but since then I’ve gained a stronger vision and voice along the way — partly by joining the WordPress community and launching this blog. Subscriber stats and daily traffic to the site grow slowly yet steadily and things may have changed for the better or worse (hey, so I’ve put on a few pounds!!). But, I actually love what I do here as a writer, storyteller and visual artist.

At the time when I wrote that first post, I didn’t know where the path would lead or how much I’d gain from a new experience (experiment) online. One thing for sure, don’t be afraid of evolving or you’ll never live a full, rich life. All that said, I’m still considering where to take this blog as my professional and creative aspirations expand. Uncertain about the next step, however, I’m doing what matters to me right now and happy to share this journalist’s journey with a vast, open-minded audience, wherever that may be in the world.

Oh, wondering about those five reasons mentioned earlier to get your attention in the first place? A person of my word, here goes: the music, the art, the photos, life and you! Thanks for the support, inspiration and interest in what’s being shared here. Excited to see what the future holds for us all.


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