FILM: Why Oscars (and audiences) Can’t Overlook ‘Dallas Buyers Club’



It’s January and there’s major studio hype to wade through as Oscar season heats up in the throes of winter – so many films, so little time. I’ve caught a few of the top contenders touted for awards already (several inspired by true events), but Dallas Buyers Club has my vote as the one to watch. The low-budget, high-stakes drama by Focus Features delivers … period.

A compelling storyline and tour de force performances place this film in rather lofty realms grounded in the reality of the AIDS epidemic. Matthew McConaughey‘s acting chops are in top form as he delivers a gritty portrayal of Ron Woodroof, a Texan diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the 1980s who challenged corporate bureaucracy and the pharmaceutical lobby machine of the time.


The underlying message couldn’t be more powerful considering all the talk about the Affordable Care Act in recent weeks. Here’s a matter-of-fact, up close and personal look at a blue-collar electrician forced to fight his demons, societal wrongs and an impending death sentence. Woodroof’s enthralling story unfolds on screen with an inevitable conclusion, yet his struggle continues to course through the veins of America’s uninsured. Surviving that uncertainty in this day and age deserves an award clearly out Hollywood’s reach but in our own hands.


Dallas Buyers Club:

Original article by Dallas Morning News‘ Bill Minutaglio:

The Hollywood Reporter Actors Roundtable:

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