MUSIC: R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles —The Day House Music Went Silent


I’m stunned while typing this as reports of Frankie Knuckles‘ sudden death circulate online and around the globe. At 59, the Bronx-born “Godfather” of House music left behind an undeniable legacy following a lifelong career as a trailblazing DJ, producer, innovator and inspiration to so many connected to underground dance culture and beyond clubland. Forget the hype over the latest EDM wannabe icons and the sort — Frankie Knuckles (and others of a very special era) are the real deal who cannot be replaced rather revered for how they defined their lives and contributed to the bigger picture and greater good.

Knuckles’ approach to music speaks volumes, so I will honor what matters most to this househead right now despite a heavy heart. I came across one of his sets last year at the Boiler Room NYC (above) and hope you’ll get lost in the moment (below). Perhaps like me, you’ll find yourself anew as I have many times on the dance floor or wherever these sounds uplifted my soul.

Thank you, Frankie, for sharing your radiant spirit with us all.


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5 thoughts on “MUSIC: R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles —The Day House Music Went Silent

  1. RIP Frankie!! I was blessed to be able to hear you and see you many times live in NYC, I followed you around the city. Where Mr. Knuckles was djing that’s where I was. Your music will resonate forever in my ears. God Bless.

  2. Thanks, for all the joy, your put on us.May god your house…in heaven be, and he will be dancing…waiting to see you.r.i.p

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