HEALTH: Gaiam Sol Sticky-Grip Yoga Mat Balances Performance and Practicality



NOTE: In full disclosure, I was not compensated for the following post. The opinions voiced here are based on personal experience using the featured item.


You’ll put both thumbs up for the Gaiam Sol Sticky-Grip Yoga Mat after putting this product to the test. At least, I did upon a few weeks of use to increase my strength and flexibility following a wrist injury from repetitive strain and lower back pain. Returning to yoga can be challenging if you’ve been away for a while, so I appreciated the mat’s stability and textured, nonslip surface while easing into various asanas (postures) and light stretches. I also liked feeling grounded on the mat, as well as the soothing shade of purple and decorative “Flower of Life” design while meditating and breath work.

All Gaiam yoga mats have a lifetime guarantee, which means you can expect a high quality product. They are built to last, easy to clean, durable and lightweight. The only caveat I had with the double-sided Sol is some slippage when conditions heat up (most noticeable during sweaty sessions).

Thumbs up for the following:

  • Firm cushioning for added stability
  • Lightweight, durable and extra-thick surface
  • Two-sided with different textures
  • Smooth side offers more grip; traditional side provides textured feel
  • 68-inch x 24-inch x 5mm


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